Yaya will be at the following events!

Upcoming Events:

Anime Weekend Atlanta: September 28th - October 1st *Cosplay Guest - Booth 305 in Dealer Hall*
New York Comic Con: Booth Appearance - Booth 836 
Iber Anime - Porto, Portugal: October 21st - 22nd *Cosplay Guest*

Now booking engagements for 2018. Events will be added as they are confirmed, please check back soon!

If you run a convention or festival and would like to invite Yaya to appear as a Guest/Judge/Speaker/Panelist/Performer at your event, please visit the Booking page.

Yaya Has Recently Appeared At:

ALIAS Entertainment Expo, Trinidad & Tobago: July 28th - 30th *Cosplay Guest*


San Diego Comic Con: July 19th - 23rd

Sakuracon, Seattle, WA: April 14th - 16th

El Paso Comic Con, El Paso, TX: April 21st - 23rd *Cosplay Guest*

Megacon, Orlando, FL: May 25th - 28th *Cosplay Guest*

A-kon, Dallas, TX: June 9th - 11th  *Cosplay Guest*

Awesome Con, Washington DC: June 16th - 18th *Cosplay Guest*

Comic Con Germany, Stuttgart, Germany: July 1st - 2nd *Cosplay Guest*

Katsucon, National Harbor, MD: Feb 17th - 19th (JUST FOR FUN! Vendor Booth in Exhibit Hall, as usual!)

Lexington Comic & Toy Convention, Lexington, KY: March 10th - 12th *Cosplay Guest*

CCXP: Sao Paolo, Brazil - December 1st - 4th  *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Epic Con: Frankfurt, Germany - December 9th - 11th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

New York Comic Con: Guest of, Booth 844 *signing each day from 12pm - 4pm* 

FACTS: Brussles, Belgium - October 22nd - 23rd *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Central Canada Comic Con (C4): Winnipeg, Canada - October 28th - 30th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Vienna Comic Con: Vienna, Austria - November 19th - 20th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

TwitchCon: San Diego, CA - September 30th - October 2nd *Invited Twitch Creative Contest Judge*

Japan Weekend Madrid: Madrid, Spain - September 24th - 25th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

FanExpo Toronto: Toronto, Canada - September 1st - 4th *Invited Cosplay Guest - Table in Cosplay Area *

Montreal Comiccon: Montreal, Canada - July 8th - 10th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Festa dell'Unicorno: Vinci, Italy - July 22nd - 24th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

NärCon Summer: Linköping, Sweden - July 28th - 31st *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Fun Nation: Abu Dhabi, UAE - August 4th - 6th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Otakon: Baltimore, MD - August 12th - 14th Booth CC01 

Anime North: Toronto, Canada - May 27th - 29th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Project A-Kon: Dallas, TX - June 1st - 3rd *Invited Cosplay Guest* Booth V3-V4

Beijing Comic Con: Beijing, China -  June 9th - 10th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Otafest: Calgary, Canada - July 1st - 3rd *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Fantasy Basel: Basel, Switzerland - May 5th - 7th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

BigFest: Saint Petersburg, Russia - April 16th - 17th  *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Polymanga: Montreux, Switzerland - March 25th - 28th *Returning Featured Guest*

C2E2: Chicago, IL - March 18th - 20th *Invited Entertainment Guest* 

Lexington Comic Con

2015 Appearances:

New York Wintercon: NYC - December 5th - 6th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Comic Con GameX: Stockholm, Sweden - October 30th - November 1st  *Invited Cosplay Guest*

New York Comic Con: NYC - October 8th - 11th *Appearing exclusively for McCall's Patterns (Booth 937) and (Booth 945) - Click to see all details*

Oz Comic Con Sydney: September 26th - 27th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Oz Comic Con Brisbane: September 19th - 20th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Fan Expo: Toronto, Canada - September 3rd - 4th ONLY *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Dragoncon: Atlanta - September 5th - 7th ONLY *Featured Guest & Exhibitor*

AnimeKon: Barbados - August 15th - 16th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

AVCon: Adelaide, Australia - July 17th - 19th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Otakon: Baltimore - July 24th - 26th *signing in Exhibit Hall*

Dreamhack Summer: Jönköping, Sweden - June 13th - 16th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Japan Expo: Paris, France - July 2nd - 5th *Invited Guest of Honor*

San Diego Comic Con: San Diego, CA *Lionforge Comics Promo*

Momocon: Atlanta, GA - May 28th - 31st  *Invited Cosplay Guest *

Fantasy Basel: Basel, Switzerland - May 14th - 16th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Calgary Expo: Calgary, Canada - April 16th - 19th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Megacon: Orlando - April 10th - 12th

Polymanga: Montreux, Switzerland - April 3rd - 6th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

London Super Comic Con: London, UK - March 14th - 15th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Katsucon: National Harbor, MD - February 13th - 15th *Invited Cosplay Guest*

Salt Lake Comic Con FanXperience: Salt Lake City, UT - January 29th - 31st *Invited Cosplay Guest*

SacAnime: Sacramento, CA - January 2nd - 4th *invited Cosplay Guest*

2014 Appearances:

New York WinterCon: New York City, NY - December 6th *invited Cosplay Guest*

Ottawa Pop Expo: Ottawa, Canada - November 22nd - 23rd *invited Cosplay Guest*

Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo: Los Angeles, CA - October 31st - November 2nd *Cosplay Guest* + *Exhibitor*

New York Comic Con: Manhattan, NY - October 9th - 12th 

Anime Weekend Atlanta: Atlanta, GA - September 26th - 28th *Cosplay Guest*

Dragoncon: Atlanta, GA - August 30th - September 1st

Fan Expo: Toronto, Canada - August 28th and 29th *Cosplay Guest* 

Anime Revolution: Vancouver, Canada - August 22nd - 24th *Cosplay Guest* 

Otakon: Baltimore, MD - August 9th - 11th

San Diego Comic Con: San Diego, CA - July 18th - 21st *attending professional*

Anime Expo: Los Angeles, CA - July 3rd - 6th

DreamHack: Jönköping, Sweden - June 16th - 17th *invited Guest*

Animecon: The Haag, Netherlands - June 13th - 15th *invited Guest*

A-kon: Dallas, TX - June 6th - 8th *invited Guest*

Fanime: San Jose, CA - May 23rd - 26th

Otafest: Calgary, Canada - May 16th - 18th *invited Guest*

C2E2: Chicago, IL - April 25th - 27th *invited Guest* 

Wondercon: Anaheim, CA - April 18th - 20th 

Middle East Film & Comic Con: Dubai - April 3rd - 5th *invited Guest*

Emerald City Comic Con: Seattle, WA - March 28th - 31st 

Megacon: Orlando, FL - March 21st - 23rd

London Super Comic Con: London, UK - March 15th - 16th *invited Cosplay Guest*